How SummerWorks WORKS

SummerWorks is a publicly funded PAID summer internship program for diverse young adults ages 16-24 in the Portland Metro area. The purpose of the SummerWorks program is to train potential interns to be work ready and then connect them to job coaches that will help them access the paid internships during the summer months. The jobs and internship opportunities available are with real employers doing real work. Employers and SummerWorks staff work together to match candidates with meaningful internships and create on-the-job goals.

  • Generally work 180 hours over the summer, averaging 20-30 hours/week.
  • Earn minimum wage ($12.00/hour).
  • Get paid every two weeks via direct deposit or a VISA debit card that is re-loaded each pay period.
  • Can earn .5 high school credit by completing a SummerWorks portfolio.

Applicants may be referred by schools or public agencies in the Portland Metro area or they may hear about it from their friends, parents, or other outlets. All applicants will create a Connect2Careers job seeker profile where SummerWorks staff and employers can connect. Through this portal, applicants can:

  1. Sign-up for work readiness training to learn the essential skills employers are looking for
  2. Search through local job opportunities that target young adults and match employer needs to their interests
  3. Access resources that help create a résumé, prepare for an interview and more
  4. Receive one-on-one support from a job coach
  5. Gain first access to future job fairs
Not all SummerWorks applicants will match to summer paid internships, but ALL applicants can attend work readiness training and keep their online job seeker profile to match to temporary or permanent jobs that are posted or other internships that become available outside the summer months.

Connect2Careers Job Seeker Profile

The SummerWorks program is delivered through the Connect2Careers job seeker site where employers can conveniently access young adult candidates that have completed work readiness training. All SummerWorks program participants that complete work readiness training can match to a variety of internship and job opportunities using their job seeker profile.