Financial Literacy

SummerWorks is more than just a job. In addition to gaining work experience, we want to make sure all our participants have the skills they need to manage their finances – and make informed decisions with their new, hard-earned paychecks.

Earning your own money can be exciting and rewarding, but it is also a responsibility. There are a lot of ways to get into financial trouble, but there are also a lot of easy things you can do to make sure that your hard-earned money stays with you, and doesn’t go to paying fees, interest, or other costs.

This is why we strongly encourage you to complete our online financial literacy trainings.

To help our SummerWorks interns gain the financial literacy, we have teamed up with EverFi to provide you with a series of short but useful online lessons. Each one is about 3-5 minutes. In total, completing the first 7 modules should take about a half hour.
Requirements & Directions

You are automatically entered into the raffle once you complete the required modules. You have two easy steps to follow:

1. Log into EverFi with your student ID
To enter the raffle, you must enter in your correct Student ID number from LaunchPath when you create your account. If you do not know your Student ID, you can look at your original SummerWorks confirmation email (your ID is the first part of the confirmation #), ask your success coach, or look in LaunchPath (log in, and click “update my information” in the top right of the screen to see your ID).

2. Complete the following seven Learning Modules:
          1) Savings
          2) Taxes
          3) Checking accounts
          4) Credit Scores & Reports
          5) Payday Loans
          6) Mobile Payments
          7) Overdraft

That’s it!

Good luck and we hope you learn financial skills that you can use into the future!

Online Financial Training