Financial Literacy

Earning your own money can be exciting and rewarding, but it is a responsibility and there are lots of ways to get into financial trouble.

To make sure your hard-earned money stays with you and doesn’t go to paying fees, interest or other costs, SummerWorks and Connect2Careers job seekers/interns have FREE online access to a suite of financial literacy online lessons that teach you how to manage your money (hosted by EverFi).

Lessons are short and take 3-5 minutes each. We encourage all SummerWorks participants create an EverFi account. Here's how:
  1. Click the “Go to EverFi” button below
  2. On EverFi website, scroll to the SummerWorks Playlist section and click “Explore”
  3. Create an account* or login to your existing EverFi account
* NOTE: We strongly encourage participants create an account in EverFi with their Legal Name and the same email address used in their LaunchPath jobseeker profile. This allows us to know which SummerWorks participants are taking advantage of the free tool.

Go To EverFi