About SummerWorks
SummerWorks is a PAID summer internship program. This program targets youth from diverse backgrounds who are ages 16-24 with little or no work history. The primary goal of this program is to prepare young individuals for the workforce by providing them access to FREE work readiness training and then placing them into entry and mid-level internship opportunities that will improve their individual skills for future jobs.

SummerWorks Internship Eligibility
This internship program is targeting anyone age 16-24 with little or no work history. Because this program is an employment program, participants must be able to document they are legal to work in the United States by completing employment Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification.

SummerWorks internships are limited. In general, about 1,000 interns are placed annually. There is no promise or guarantee of placement.

SummerWorks Prerequisites
All individuals interested in SummerWorks must complete the following.

  1. Create/Update your Connect2Careers Job Seeker Account
  2. Signup and Attend a FREE Connect2Careers WRT 101: Work Readiness Training

If you have participated in SummerWorks or Connect2Careers before, you may find that these prerequisites are already met when logging into your Connect2Careers Job Seeker Account.

Program Overview
There are several steps involved in this program. These steps are outlined and checked as they are completed within the Connect2Careers Job Seeker account:

  1. Complete the SummerWorks prerequisites listed above
  2. Sign up and attend WRT 102: SummerWorks Orientation and HR Paperwork
  3. Work with SummerWorks coaches for internship matching and placement assistance
  4. Interview with the worksite supervisor
  5. Setup a training plan with the worksite supervisor and your SummerWorks coach to outline your job duties, work schedule and learning objectives
  6. Report time worked in the payroll system
  7. Go to work and get paid!

Placed Intern Expectations
Interns that are matched and placed into an internship can expect the following:

  • Interns work with their SummerWorks coach and supervisor to develop the internship training plan and objectives
  • Interns receive one-on-one coaching assistance during the internship
  • Interns generally work about 180 hours over the summer, averaging 20-30 hours/week
  • Interns earn at least the Oregon minimum wage for the Portland Metropolitan Area
  • Interns report hours and are paid every two weeks
  • Interns can earn .5 high school credit by completing a SummerWorks portfolio

Register for SummerWorks
Beginning May 2019, SummerWorks Program registration happens from within your Connect2Careers Job Seeker Account. If you don’t have an account yet, you will need to create an account first. Follow these instructions to create/login to your Connect2Careers account and then to register for this annual SummerWorks program:

  1. Click button to Register Now!
  2. Follow the instructions as they relate to you. The system will prompt you for next steps if you choose the wrong button/link.
    • LOGIN button: If you know you have an account and know your account email and password, enter them and click this button to continue.
    • New Job Seeker Account link: If you have never participated in Connect2Careers or SummerWorks, click this link to create a new account. When you follow this link, you will be asked a few follow-up questions to confirm you do not already have an existing account before you are sent to the Create C2C Job Seeker Account page.
    • Forgot/Reset Password link: If you have an account, but you cannot remember your password, then click this link and follow the prompts to reset your password. You must know the email on the account and be able to access that email account to reset your password.
    • HELP button: If you know you have an account, but are unable to access your email to retrieve your password reset, or you are experiencing another issue with the login and new account processes, please click this link to get assistance from program staff.
  3. Once logged in, review and/or update your information on the following tabs to be sure it is current: My Account, My Contact Info, My Education/School Info, and My Community Programs pages.
  4. Go to the My Progress Tab / PAID Internship Opportunities / SummerWorks 20YY and check the box Yes, I would like to participate.
  5. View the My SummerWorks 20YY Progress section to see your current progress as it relates to this program. As you are completing these elements, they will automatically be checked by the system.

About WRT 101: Work Readiness Training
This FREE Connect2Careers course is a prerequisite to participate in a SummerWorks internship. This is an employer recognized training and is designed to elevate job seeker competitiveness in today’s entry level marketplace. Connect2Careers and SummerWorks program staff work with employers in the Portland Metropolitan area to list and prioritize entry-level jobs and internships for young job seekers that complete this 10-12 hour training.

In addition to resume development and interview preparation, this training is adapted from the New World of Work, a 21st Century Skills curriculum to help young job seekers understand workplace expectations. This training certifies trainees in the following five soft-skills:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Analysis/Solution Mindset
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communication
  5. Self-Awareness

About WRT 102: SummerWorks Orientation and HR Paperwork
During this two-and-a-half-hour appointment, you will meet with SummerWorks coaches to learn about the details of this program and complete pre-internship paperwork. More specifically, you will:

  1. Learn how SummerWorks coaches will work with you throughout the program
  2. Better understand your LaunchPath profile and how this profile is used to match you to internship opportunities
  3. Learn how internship interviews are scheduled and what to expect during the placement process
  4. Create your payroll account to report hours weekly
  5. Understand and decide your preferred method of payment. Choose from two options:
    • Refillable VISA Payroll card
    • Direct deposit into your established savings or checking account
  6. Complete the following federal employment forms with staff assistance:
    • Form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate)
    • Form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)

Be Prepared!
You must show up prepared and bring all required documentation. If participants do not show up with the required documents, they will be turned away and must reschedule.
All SummerWorks interns must enter their hours worked into the online payroll system weekly. This account is created during the WRT 102: SummerWorks Orientation and HR Paperwork course. This online payroll system allows SummerWorks interns to enter timesheets, view total hours worked, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, and access tax documents.

Visa Payroll Card: Call 1-888-775-3443
Other Intern Resources
Earn High School Credit
In addition to learning and earning during the summer, SummerWorks also offers high school interns the opportunity to get .5 elective credit for their internship.

How to Earn Elective Credit
To earn this credit, you must complete the SummerWorks portfolio during your internship. This workbook will help you reflect on your work experience, identify what you’ve learned, and provide evidence of your accomplishments.

Don’t worry! Your worksite supervisor and SummerWorks career coach are available and will help you collect any needed documents or clarify elements if you get stumped.

Financial Literacy
Earning your own money can be exciting and rewarding, but it is a responsibility and there are lots of ways to get into financial trouble.

To make sure your hard-earned money stays with you and doesn’t go to paying fees, interest or other costs, SummerWorks and Connect2Careers job seekers/interns have FREE access to a suite of financial literacy online lessons that teach you how to manage your money (hosted by EverFi).

Lessons are short and take 3-5 minutes each. We encourage all SummerWorks participants create an EverFi account. Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Go to EverFi” button below
  2. On EverFi website, scroll to the SummerWorks Playlist section and click "Explore"
  3. Create an account* or login to your existing EverFi account

*NOTE: We strongly encourage participants create an account in EverFi with their Legal Name and the same email address used in their LaunchPath jobseeker profile. This allows us to know which SummerWorks participants are taking advantage of the free tool.
SummerWorks Internship Examples
SummerWorks offers a wide range of work and internship opportunities with a wide range of employers. While many of our jobs are in the public sector (City, County, etc.) or nonprofit sector, we also work with private employers ranging from hospitals to law firms to manufacturing companies to small retailers to businesses in food service.

SummerWorks jobs include both indoor and outdoor jobs, such as office and administrative jobs, community outreach jobs, conservation and restoration crew jobs, food service, reception and customer service, childcare, and more.

Most jobs will have youth work sometime within the normal workweek (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), although this varies from worksite to worksite. Usually jobs will be between 20-30 hours a week, but again this can vary depending on the position. Most jobs are 180 hours over the course of the summer.

Below are a list of actual internship positions/job listings from SummerWorks 2015, with some information about what the job entailed and what the worksite/employer was looking for.

HR Admin Assistant (Portland Development Commission)

Company Profile
The PDC works to create economic growth and opportunity for all Portlanders. We work on urban renewal projects like buildings and streets, and also work on growing businesses in Portland, from the neighborhood restaurant to big companies downtown. This job will be focused on administrative tasks in our office that support our work in the city.

Summary of essential job functions
The position will handle confidential information for filing, scanning and processing; help with design and revision of intranet sites; may work on spreadsheets; and help organize paperwork and electronic files.

Minimum requirements
The successful candidate will get along well with others, be able to alphabetize and file, be proficient in computer skills, be able to learn new tasks quickly and enjoy changing duties from time to time. The candidate will also keep certain information confidential and only relay it as required by job duties.

The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of Word and Excel, be eager to view projects from a systems viewpoint (wants to understand how a particular process fits into the greater whole) and enjoy working with different people on a daily basis.
WSI Food Service Worker (Providence Health Services)

Company Profile
Providence Portland Patient Dining Services provides meals to patients. Meal service includes; serving over 1000 meals a day, delivering the meals to the patients, picking up dirty trays and processing the dirty ware through dish machine.

Summary of essential job functions
Under general supervision from a supervisor, the student usually performs all or part of the following duties:
  • Cleans and sanitizes food service equipment.
  • Operates assorted food service equipment.
  • Responsible for safety and sanitation guidelines safe handling of food.
  • Follow guidelines for assigned station set-up and clean-up.
  • Deals directly with customers, hospital staff, patients and visitors, preparing and serving made-to-order salads & lunch entrée items.
  • Prepare, mix, assemble, portion, serve and store food following applicable guidelines.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Minimum requirements
Need to be able to communicate verbally and written form when necessary. Follow directions and retain training procedures. Demonstrate the ability to work independently when needed and complete all job duties as outlined.

Customer service skills and the ability to interact with team members to get the job done.
WSI Grounds Intern (Oregon Health and Sciences University)

Company Profile
Oregon Health & Science University is the state’s only academic health center. It provides an uncommon array of services from providing the state’s most comprehensive health care, to educating the next generation of clinicians and biomedical researchers, to achieving breakthroughs and innovations. Its hospitals and clinics serve more than a quarter of a million patients every year with innovative care and treatment models based on the latest knowledge available.

Summary of essential job functions
Conduct landscape maintenance work to the OHSU campus as assigned. Duties include: Removing leaves, brush, gravel, litter and debris from building roofs, sewers, utility tunnels, streets, parking lots and structures, building entrances, loading docks, bus stops and sidewalks using rakes, blowers, vacuums, and shovels; empty trash cans as needed, transport litter, and plant debris; clean drains, catch basins and gutters; remove stains and spills such as oil and grease from parking lots and walkways; fill potholes; repair benches and signposts. Must operate hand tools for entire periods of the work day. This position must comply with all applicable personal protection requirements for all required assignments.

Minimum requirements
  • Ability to follow oral instructions
  • Ability to work independently or in a team
  • Ability to work in adverse weather conditions
  • Ability to walk and use hand tools on sloped, uneven terrain for extended amounts of time
  • Background doing yard work, landscape maintenance, or garden work
  • Interest in working outdoors during all weather conditions
WSI Maintenance Shop Assistant (TriMet Maintenance Department)

Company Profile
TriMet operates the public transit system in the Tri-County area- Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties.

Summary of essential job functions
Provide administrative support to TriMet departments. Attend Bus Maintenance heavy duty bus mechanic state certification classes; work with mechanics and maintenance staff on inspections, road calls, non-revenue vehicles, unit rebuilds, attend various meetings; conduct research on various maintenance projects.

Minimum requirements
  • Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written)
  • Analytical & Research Skills
  • Computer & Technical Literacy
  • Interpersonal Abilities
  • Ability to self-motivate and work independently as necessary.
  • Knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office, specifically Power Point, Publisher, Word and Excel is desirable.
  • Knowledge of mechanical or automotive repair experience.
  • Be able to lift and carry items up to 25 lbs.
  • Content management system (CMS).
WSI Communications Intern (City of Portland Housing Bureau, Communications/Public Information Dept.)

Company Profile
The Portland Housing Bureau is charged with developing citywide housing policy, delivering programs that increase the supply of affordable housing, preventing and ending homelessness, and promoting stable homeownership.

Summary of essential job functions
The Communications Intern will provide research, writing, and administrative support to the bureau’s Public Information Officer (PIO) in the development of the bureau’s public communications. Under the direction of the PIO, the communications intern will track and log relevant media coverage, and engage with bureau staff and community partners to gather information and stories to be used in blogs, social media postings, press releases, and other written materials. The intern will generate first drafts of assigned projects and work together with the PIO on edits and revisions. The intern will also have the opportunity to attend and photograph off-site events related to bureau projects (during regular hours), as well as Portland City Council meetings. Finally, with assistance from the PIO and other staff, the communications intern will have the opportunity to lead the development of a story bank (a database of personal stories and client testimonials) for the bureau.

Minimum requirements
Skill working with people from different backgrounds and an ability to follow directions are important requirements for this position, as is a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Facebook, and Twitter. The intern should have strong interpersonal communication skills (example: comfortable on the phone talking to staff at partner organizations and clients), and bring an interest in writing/editing/media/journalism and social media to the position.

The ideal intern would possess an interest in social issues, a passion for writing, and strong attention to detail. Skills in photography, video, or design would be an added bonus, but are not required. A driver’s license is preferred but not required.
WSI Event Assistant (St. Johns Main Street, Community Programs)

Company Profile
St. Johns Main Street is working to create a thriving and sustainable local economy for the St. Johns neighborhood. As part of the National Main Street movement, we promote local prosperity and livability by being a resource hub for the community and local businesses. During the summer, St. Johns has many festivals and community events that Main Street coordinates or participates in. We are looking for an organized and enthusiastic intern to help us with all of these great events!

Summary of essential job functions
  • Work with the Community Programs Manager to coordinate Main Street’s summer event series – Art Constitutional and Business Seminar Series
  • Support other community events that Main Street is involved with such as the Jazz Festival at Cathedral Park
  • Pass out event flyers to local businesses and community organizations
  • Attend events and help with day of logistics
  • Help enter event contacts into Main Street’s database
  • Other tasks as needed to support the summer events
Minimum requirements
  • Strong communication skills – can speak professionally with local businesses and community organizations; not afraid to speak on the phone
  • Organized – can stay on top of assigned tasks and respond to emails in a timely manner
  • Responsible – will follow up with assigned tasks and will show up to work during assigned hours
  • Strong typing skills – can quickly and accurately enter information on the computer
Event planning, business development, community building
WSI Project Assistant (Portland Community College)

Company Profile
PCC is an institution of higher education that provides instruction and support to all ages of students with a wide variety of educational goals. The Sylvania campus is the largest of the PCC campuses.

Summary of essential job functions
Provide reception, clerical, and project support for the Office of the Dean of Student and Campus Information, as well as other departments and programs within the Student Development and Services Division.
  • Greet students and other visitors; provide information, referrals to services, and help with lost and found.
  • Provide clerical support including filing, photocopying, faxing, and telephone messaging.
  • Use personal computer to prepare documents and communications on Word, Excel, Google Docs, and other software programs.
  • Compile information or data into spreadsheets or other organizing tools.
  • Provide event support, including assistance with planning and preparation and day of even support.
Minimum requirements
  • Customer service experience;
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with email and word processing software required; Experience with spreadsheet and presentation software desired;
  • Strong organizational skills
Interest in working in an educational environment. Interest in working with people in a diverse setting.